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Syed Star Engineering Lahore

About Us

Brief History

Mr Nazar Hussain Shah the Chief Executive of SSEL who has vast experience in Engineering and Beverages companies, formed this company in 2000 and started this as specialist in beverage industry and supplied machinery to different carbonated water companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Rc Cola etc, and lots of juice companies, Golden, Sunkist, Poly Juice etc. Within the span of time company added the jobs for sugar industry, Chemical industry, Paper industry, Dairy industry, Cement industry etc., and now we are pleased to say that any job related to mechanical engineering either that is precise or not, have on small scale or large scale, related to machine shop or fabrication shop, related to any industry, We are ready to serve.

Field Of Operation

To fabricated, manufacturer, erect, precise job related to any industry.

To develop or acquire technology and know for new equipment for Chemical process, Dairy and allied industry and establish design fabrication and manufacturing facilities for various equipment such as chemical reactor, Tank absorption and destillation columns, Heat Exchanger, Boilers, Sterilizers, Furnaces, Filters, Centrifuges, Evaporatiors, De-aerators packed plate columns, Absorption equipment Heaters, Pumps Compressors, Fans Blowers, Turbines, Valves, Control Valve, Agitator, Drivers crushing and grinding equipment, refrigerator cooling towers, spare parts of the equipment, mentioned above and any other equipment required for any industry.